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Latest news
  • I will attend a Dagstuhl seminar on Rigorous Methods for Software Construction and Analysis in early May.
  • The First Rotary Contest and the Tenth Italian Contest on programming Turing machines for high school students were both extremely successful. Best students from schools from all over the country competed throwing Turing machines at each other! Full details are here (in Italian).
  • Starting January 2006, I serve in the editorial board of Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering. The journal is changing its focus, concentrating on theory and applications of Knowledge Engineering; if you work on this subject, you have to submit!
  • I am co-chairing the 12th Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ'06); submission deadline is March 15th, 2006. This year REFSQ will have parallel sessions, and will also host the REProManQA workshop — see the link above for details.
  • We have been awarded € 20,000 through the IBM Faculty Award program for our research on Autonomic Computing.
  • Starting with the last week of October, I will undergo a couple of eye surgery operations. I might be unable to respond to emails for two or three weeks due to sight problems after that... :-(
  • I am co-organizing OPODIS'05 in Pisa, the 9th International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems. If you are into distributes systems, you might want to attend the conference (12-14 December 2005).
  • I will be teaching a course on "Systems-level languages - Laboratory" this semester. Full details (in Italian) are available at this page or through the Teaching link above.
  • CERE'05 and RE'05 in Paris were both excellent events; thanks to the RE'05 organizers for providing such good facilities and excellent organization of the events. Post-Proceedings for CERE'05 will be published in a few months and sent to all registered participants.
  • Holidays coming... I will be off-line for most of August 2005, walking my way to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Please don't be surprised if I can't answer emails, since I will have no connection at all for the whole month. If you write me, you will not receive a "vacation" message. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but I prefer not to provide spammers with any indication of my willingness to receive unsolicited correspondance. Please bear with me.
  • Schedule and program for CERE'05 announced. You can find details at the Schedule & Program page of the workshop site. Don't miss the early-bird deadline for registering! (31 July 2005).
  • I will be visiting the Software Engineering department of the University of Technology, Sydney, during July 2005. Host: Didar Zowghi.
  • Due to several requests, submission to CERE'05 has been extended until June 20, 2005. You can still submit!
  • REFSQ'05 in Porto, Portugal, saw 18 presentations and, as per REFSQ tradition, deep and thorough discussions on every aspect of RE. Post-proceedings are being collected and will be dispatched by mail shortly.
  • The Ninth Turing Machine Programming Contest for high school students was a huge success! Thanks to all participating students and to their teachers for their contribution.
  • Submission to CERE'05 is now open. Deadline for submission is June 10, 2005. Papers on all aspects of research and results evaluation in RE are welcome!
  • The deadline for submitting to REFSQ'05 has been extended to March 15 due to popular request. New submissions are also welcome!
  • On February 10, I will give a lecture on "Formal Methods in Requirements Engineering" at University of Victoria, BC for the course "SENG 321: Requirements Engineering and Formal Specifications" taught by Daniela Damian.
  • In the period January 16-February 18, 2005 I will be visiting the School of Computer Sciences at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • The web site for REFSQ'05 has gone live! Have a look and submit!
  • I serve on the Program Committee for RE'05. If you work in Requirements Engineering, you have to submit.
  • The post-proceedings for REFSQ'04 have been dispatched to participants. Additional copies can be ordered here.
  • I serve on the Program Committee for AWRE'04, to be held in Adelaide, Australia, next December. You can submit on the site.
  • I am honoured to hold an Honorary Associate position at the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • The 10th REFSQ was a successful event, elightened by many good papers and by four special "anniversary papers" on the last and next 10 years in requirements engineering research. Final proceedings are being prepared.
  • The CERE'04 web site opens. Have a look and submit!
  • The Circe Plugin for Eclipse is released! See che CPE site for details.
  • Teaching starts; I will be teaching courses on C/POSIX programming and General Computer Science for Environmental Scientists.
  • Effective January 1, 2004, I hold a tenured Research Associate position at the Dipartimento di Informatica in Pisa.
  • The web site for REFSQ'04 has opened. Have a look and submit!
  • I will be giving a Seminar for the Faculty of Information Technology at UTS on 26 Nov 2003; the subject is "Distributed Coordination of Autonomous Mobile Entities".
  • I am currently visiting the University of Technology, Sydney. See their Requirements Engineering group pages for a summary of their activities
  • I will serve as Program Co-chair for REFSQ'04, to be held in Riga in association with CAiSE. Details will follow.
  • The CRUI-AICA project "IT4PS" (Information Technology for Problem Solving) aims at providing a more tailored certification system for IT. I am involved in the project, in a pilot study concerning the medical area.
  • I serve on the Program Committee for AWRE'03, to be held in Sydney next December. Links to be added soon!
  • I will be giving an invited talk at REFSQ'03, on "Trends and topics in 10 years of REFSQ: Preliminary results". Tentative schedule has it on June 16, closing the afternoon session.
  • The web site for the ST.EVE workshop is now online. Submit by mail, according to the instructions given at the site.
  • Luca Del Carlo joins the Circe-Eclipse team.
  • The web site for the CERE03 workshop is now on-line. Submit here.
  • The web site for the Circe-Eclipse integration project opens.
  • Our proposal for a workshop at RE03 on Comparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering has been accepted. Call for Papers and web site to be added soon!
  • I serve on the Program Committee for REFSQ'03. The deadline for submitting papers has just expired (April 1st); acceptance will be notified by April 22nd.
  • I will be giving an invited talk on "Requirements Engineering for Web Applications" at the International Workshop on Requirements Engineering, held in conjunction with the RE03 Program Committee meeting in Twente (April 5).
  • Thanks to all those involved, the Eight Computer Science Contest for high-school students has been a huge success. A full report (including scores and winners) will be published soon on the web.
  • We were awarded $25,000 through the IBM Eclipse Innovation Award programme. Our proposal involves integrating Circe in the open-source development environment Eclipse, so that requirements analysis can be performed in the same environment used for developing code. More details can be found here.
  • I am on the Program Committee for the FM03 workshop ST.EVE - State-oriented vs. Event-oriented thinking (in Requirements Analysis, Formal Specification and Software Engineering). Stay tuned for a Call for Papers.
  • A joint project with E. Börger, R. Stärk and G. Fruja on providing an operational semantics for C# has been awarded a $20,000 grant from Microsoft Research. Preliminary results will be presented at the Rotor Workshop in Pisa (April 23-25).
Current events
RE'07 The 15th International Conference on Requirements Engineering
REFSQ'07 The 13th Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality
SIROCCO 2007 The 14th Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity
FUN 2007 The 4th International Conference on FUN WITH ALGORITHMS
Expert Systems The Journal of Knowledge Engineering
Open Projects
The Circe Project A natural language requirements analysis environment
CICO A fuzzy, domain-based NL parser
CPE The Circe plugin for Eclipse
CORDA Simulator A simulator for flocking algorithms in a distributed setting

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